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Donating to Addiction Solutions of Nantucket

Donating to Addiction Solutions of Nantucket

Addiction is a topic that makes a lot of people uneasy. We don’t like to imagine ourselves, our family, or loved ones struggling with urges that are unhealthy. And, yet, addiction remains one of the leading causes of death for Americans under the age of 50. It’s so widespread that the odds are very good that you, personally, know someone who has struggled or lived with addiction in their own lives.

Now, take that problem and compound it with the fact that, in 2020, Americans have been hit with an epidemic disease that forces most of us to stay at home. Away from entertainment, social gatherings, our friends, and our family. It’s understandable that the CDC would recommend a response like, but this kind of environment can make avoiding your addiction extremely difficult. More temptation leads to increased usage rates, which means 2020 has been a very difficult year for those living with addictions.
With so many Americans struggling with the effects of substance abuse, recovery centers are some of the biggest heroes in our country, right now. And, it’s with that in mind, that Sunwave Cares has decided to honor our Nantucket heroes with a donation to Addiction Solutions of Nantucket.

Treating Substance Abuse Recoverees in Nantucket MA

Addiction Solutions of Nantucket offers a drug-assisted treatment (MAT) program for use in the treatment of substance abuse addictions in the Nantucket area. Using this proven approach to rehabilitation, the facility helps patients recover from opioid, drug, and alcohol dependence. 

Patients are treated with a combination of USDA-approved medications and traditional therapy, for a complete response to multifaceted addictions. Keep in mind, addictions typically impact more than just the body or the mind. There are many sides to substance addiction. If you can treat the physical as well as the psychological, you increase your odds of the treatment sticking, longterm. This is why MAT is widely regarded as one of the best drug abuse rehab approaches.
Addiction Solutions of Nantucket boasts seven years' industry experience and a long history of complete patient recovery. As a response to the widespread problem of substance abuse in Americans, holistic treatment such as this is incredibly important. This is why it’s such an honor for us to be involved with such an important pillar in the Nantucket community.

Sunwave Cares

Sunwave Cares is committed to the ongoing physical, mental, and social health of all of our local communities. As we continue to grow and operate in states across America, it’s the work of organizations like Addiction Solutions of Nantucket that gives us the most hope for the future. 

We look forward to supporting and engaging more local and national charities in the future. With our help and their spirit of generosity, we can go further together.

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