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Energy Demand Reduction Tips From Sunwave Gas & Power

Energy Demand Reduction Tips From Sunwave Gas & Power

When you manage a property, every cent counts. A leaking roof or rodent infestation can be as damaging to your investment as unchecked appliances using up too much gas or power. These are assets, after all, and it’s important to take care of them if you want them to keep paying off for years into the future.

But how do you make energy demand reduction a part of your manifesto when you’re only running the equipment you need? How do you find room in your energy budget when it feels like you’re already doing everything you can? Join us today as we bring you three of our favorite tips for reducing your overall energy demand and get ready to change the way you use your home or office appliances.

Make Energy Efficiency A Part Of Your Equipment Management

When it comes to modern home appliances, most of ours are left in “standby” mode for most of their lives. In homes and offices around the world it’s become common practice to leave workstations running, basically any time they’re not being actively used. Appliances like televisions, coffeemakers, microwaves, and others are simply left turned on. 

The thing is, there is still continuous power consumption with any plugged-in appliance, even if it’s not in use. This is a phenomenon also known as vampire power and can account for as much as 20% of your monthly electricity bill. The only way to truly cut the energy cost of these devices is to actively turn off any equipment or appliances not currently in use. 

Also, keep in mind that the energy rating of your device is and always will be important. The higher your star rating, the more significant the reduction in your overall energy consumption.

Lighting and AC

This may come as no surprise, but air conditioning units are actually one of the leading sources of energy drain in most homes and offices. Being able to get on top of the maintenance of these systems means more optimal working conditions and a well-regulated space that requires less of a commitment from you. Consider swapping out traditional heating and cooling units for “green” options such as using cross ventilation or improved ceiling insulation. 

Energy-efficient LED lights are another great option for saving on energy consumption. They’re more widespread now than they’ve ever been, making swapping out your home lighting for LEDs a much simpler process.

Sunwave Gas & Power offers funding for LED projects through the supply bill, making a capital expense an operational one. Speak to a Sunwave representative today about LED upgrades at no upfront cost! 1-855-4SUNWAVE

Identify Consumption Periods

The best weapon you can have against overspending on energy consumption is being well informed. Do a little self-examination and determine what times of day your home or office is seeing the most energy being used. Take your time and evaluate which processes consume the most energy. With that information on-hand, you’ll have what you need to make some changes.

Peak period rates typically occur late in the afternoon or in the early evenings, making this a good time to avoid or at least try to dial back your usage. Your electricity rates could realistically vary depending on how actively you use your appliances during the day, so make the change in order to see any significant results.

At the end of the day, reducing your energy needs comes down to making active decisions based on real information about your home or office setup. Look into your peak period usage, invest in energy-saving lighting and AC, and turn off your appliances while they’re not in use. With a little work and some consistency, energy demand reduction is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.

Looking for easy-to-understand electricity and gas supply at affordable prices? Get the power you need, with Sunwave Gas & Power. Check out our services in your area, today, to find out more

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