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Electric Vehicles: Innovations that are Changing the World

Electric Vehicles: Innovations that are Changing the World

Ready or not, here they come. If you haven’t noticed, there’s been a major increase in electric vehicles; and EV car charging ports in shopping centers and other public areas have become more noticeable as well. I really feel like it was not long ago that I was sitting in front of our box TV watching The Jetsons and thinking how cool it would be to have a flying vehicle. With technology rapidly changing, it appears that we have begun to move into that era. Within three decades technological innovations took us from beepers to cell phones, dial up internet to WIFI, and now we’re shifting towards smart homes and electric vehicles. In this article we’re going to discuss electric vehicle innovations and how they are expected to change the world. 

Electric Vehicle Trends

With the world’s plans of “going green'', the demand for electric vehicles is increasing at a fast rate; clearly, more EV charging innovations are going to be needed if this "green revolution" is going to be upheld. The International Energy Agency (IEA) anticipates that by 2030 there is going to be roughly 250 million electric vehicles on the world's streets, with close to 44 million electric vehicles being sold annually. These predictions are supported by the consistent growth seen in recent years; Electric vehicles stock skyrocketed from less than 500,000 to over 7,000,000 in just five years; and in 2019, over two million electric cars were sold. Currently, there are at least forty different types of electric vehicles to choose from and that number only continues to grow. JP Morgan anticipates that EV sales will be up to about thirty eight percent just in the next few years.

Electric Vehicle Charging Ports

Solar Charging Ports

Solar charging for vehicles is being created in two distinct branches; chargers that convert solar energy into power for EVs and vehicles that have solar panels on the rooftops. SolarEdge fabricates a sunlight based charger inverter that can be placed in homes and lets EV owners charge up their vehicles with solar energy. Envision Solar or Beam Global created Solar Tree; and in 2020, they introduced the EV ARC™ 2020, which is “the only 100% renewable, transportable, off-grid EV charging option on the market.”

While the possibility of a vehicle running exclusively on sun powered energy is an inconceivable possibility,  we are a long way from that turning into a reality. Forbes brings up Hyundai's solar power rooftop charging vehicle that has to be parked in the sun all day just to give owners just 2 miles worth of power each day. Solar power car charging posts are a more effective choice than solar power charging vehicles. 

Vehicle to Grid Charging Ports

A critical part of electric charging energy management is vehicle to grid charging systems which allows two-way energy trade between the vehicle and the energy grid. With V2G charging systems, energy that is put in an electric vehicle can be transmitted back to the energy grid.

Given that the normal vehicle is undriven around 95% of the day, V2G enables the possibilities to reduce operating costs of power plants by utilizing electric vehicles as energy storage resources.  This innovation would turn EV consumers into prosumers, allowing them to be a supplier of energy and reduce EV charging costs.

Rapid Charging Ports

We may be seeing more rapid electric vehicle charging ports in the near future. Currently, the fastest EV charging system available is Tesla's Supercharger. With Tesla’s supercharger, electric vehicles can be charged up to 80% in as little as thirty minutes.  However, watch out Tesla, because BMW and Porsche decided to partner up and create a system that adds around SIXTY-TWO miles to an electric vehicle battery in as little as THREE minutes. What’s the catch? There aren't any electric vehicles that can safely uphold that amount of  current; and Tesla has remained one of the popular choices for consumers purchasing electric vehicles.


Advantages of Electric Vehicles Innovations

Concerns with Electric Vehicle Innovations

Long-term Benefits on the Environment Infrastructure
Anticipated Savings in the Longrun Charging Time
  Range Anxiety
  Higher Upfront Costs


Electric Vehicles: In Conclusion

EV systems are continuously being tested and modified to allow charging systems to work effectively and safely. The innovations in electric vehicles and charging ports will shape the fate of electric vehicle purchases and use. The new advances will be distinct advantages from an EV charging experience point of view, will uphold new plans of action for EV charging, produce new business openings for industry players, and shift towards a “greener future.” 

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