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Electric Suppliers in NH: Compare Electricity Prices in New Hampshire

Why Switch to Sunwave?

Sunwave Gas & Power is a credible energy and gas supplier that gladly supplies electricity service to thousands of residential and commercial consumers. Choose Sunwave Gas + Power as your electric supplier today.

With information all over the internet, for your convenience, Sunwave has combined a significant amount of information that will assist you while looking for an electric supplier in NH.

Energy Deregulation in New Hampshire

As residential and commercial consumers of New Hampshire looking for the most reasonable energy rates and plans, you can pick your energy supplier. Thanks to the New Hampshire government, residential and commercial energy consumers have had the power to choose their electricity supplier since 1996. Deregulation has allowed electricity suppliers in NH like Sunwave Gas + Power to continually seek your business by offering competitive plans and energy rates intended to meet your residential and business energy utilization needs.

Did you know that your electric bill comprises two sections? – Energy distribution and energy supply.

Energy distribution or energy delivery comes from your local utility. The energy supply of your bill is for the power you use in your home or business. Who supplies that energy is up to you, the consumer. You may keep on purchasing your energy from your electric utility, or you may decide to purchase your energy from an energy supplier.

New Hampshire Electricity Rates

The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) keeps track of energy prices by state. Ongoing reports from the EIA show that the average energy rate in the U.S. is 12.80 cents per kilowatt-hour (KWH) and 18.74 cents per kWh in New Hampshire.

How to Compare NH Electric Suppliers

You can analyze energy suppliers by taking a gander at various energy rates, plans, and terms from the energy suppliers in your service area. You can limit your decisions dependent on brand, energy rates, plans, and terms. Pick an energy supplier that offers rates and plans that will meet your energy utilization needs.

Here Are the Steps on How You Can Switch Electricity Suppliers in NH

  • First-time Consumers: If you are a first-time energy consumer, you will have to create an account with your local utility company.
  • Contract Terms: If you already have services with your local utility or another electric supplier in NH, it’s essential to determine whether or not you are under a contract with them. Some energy suppliers charge termination fees if you switch to another supplier before the end of your service agreement.
  • Account Information: Be sure to have your utility account number when switching to a new energy supplier in NH.
  • Leave the rest to the new electricity supplier: Once you sign up with your new supplier, they will take care of everything else to complete the switch. Just relax and enjoy the benefits.

What Kind of Electricity Rates and Plans are Available in NH?

  • Fixed-rate plans: With fixed-rate plans, the rate you're charged for your electric use will remain something similar all through your service agreement. Fixed energy rates are typically offered for six months with a minimum of four billing cycles. NH electricity suppliers can’t change the energy rate until the end of the fourth billing cycle. The energy supplier is required to notify the consumer before making changes.
  • Variable-rate plans: With variable-rate plans, energy suppliers can change their prices and terms month to month.
  • Prepaid Plans: There may be a time when you’d rather pay for your power before you use it. At that point, rather than paying month to month, you will add funds to your account when it's required.
  • Renewable Energy: In New Hampshire, energy suppliers can offer renewable energy options. You can help diminish your carbon impression by choosing Sunwave Wind, a Green-e Energy Certified REC product. Sunwave offers RECs for both residential and commercial consumers.

You can use your local utility company’s electricity prices to compare energy rates and see what other NH energy suppliers have to offer.

You will be automatically enrolled in the Standard Offer Service (SOS) with your area’s utility company if you decide that you don’t want to choose from an alternate New Hampshire electric supplier.

Questions that You Should Ask Before Switching to a New Energy Supplier

  • Are you a licensed energy supplier with the state of New Hampshire?
  • How long is your contract term?
  • What is the actual rate that I will be paying per KWH? Is this a fixed rate?
  • What other fees will I be paying?
  • What is your early termination policy?
  • What if I move out of the service area?
  • What incentives, if any, do you offer for switching to your company?
  • What if someone switched my services to an electric supplier without my permission?

When Will Services With My New Electric Supplier in NH Begin?

Your local utility company will determine when they are available to connect new services. If you have existing services, there will not be a lapse in electricity services if you move to a new home and transfer services with a new energy supplier.

Will I Have to Pay to Switch Electricity Suppliers in NH?

Energy suppliers don’t typically charge you enrollment fees to become their energy consumer unless required to pay a deposit. Your local utility company may charge a small fee when you switch to a new NH electricity supplier.

Cancellation Fees for New Hampshire Energy Consumers

Alternative Energy suppliers can charge residential and commercial consumers a cancellation fee if they terminate their contract for reasons not outlined in the service agreement.

What Contract Terms Can I Expect From Electric Suppliers in NH?

Each energy supplier has their own terms and conditions. If you are interested in finding out the insights concerning what's in store with a specific energy rate, plan, and supplier, you can look at the Electricity Facts Label (EFL).

Your EFL will have detailed insights regarding your energy plan, including the base charge for power, utility charges, any extra expenses, charges, and credits, and average rates for 500, 1000, and 2000 kWh of utilization for each charging cycle. If you need further assistance, contact your energy supplier.

When Should I Switch to a Different Electric Supplier in NH?

You are able to switch to a different energy supplier at any time. It is recommended to make the switch during off-peak months when energy demand is lower. Also, be sure that you are not in a contract with your current supplier because you may be subject to fees.

How Much Energy Do We Use Every Month?

To determine your energy consumption, pull out some of your old energy bills or look at your online billing history, and you will be able to see the amount of energy that you have consumed every month over the previous year. The summer months usually have the highest energy consumption and are likely to be more costly.

Suppose you aren’t able to find your old energy bills. In that case, it may be possible to track your monthly energy consumption by reading your electricity meter or contacting your current energy supplier.

Will the Electric Supplier in NH Ask for My Social Security Number?

When you sign up for electricity services in New Hampshire, you are going to be asked to provide your social security number. Depending on your credit, the energy supplier may require you to pay a deposit. Some electric suppliers in NH can waive the deposit under limited circumstances.

New Hampshire Electricity Rates

Sunwave delivers sensible low rate and payment term solutions for residential consumers. Each bill that you receive will state the price that you are paying; and rest assured, there are no hidden fees. Check out our prices and Sign-up now!

Our commercial products are suitable for retail stores, office buildings, multi-residential properties, and small to medium-sized manufacturing facilities. Sunwave offers commercial consumers plans with a fixed price or variable with terms from 4 - 60 months.

As a small business consumer, you can sign up online and take advantage of a simple way to manage your electric generation supply costs. Take a look at our prices and Sign-up now!

Utility Companies That Distribute Electricity in New Hampshire

Emergencies: 1-800-662-7764
Customer service: 1-800-662-7764

Liberty Utilities
Emergencies: 1-855-349-9455
Customer service:1-800-375-7413

Customer service: 1-800-852-3339

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