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Cleveland Electric Supplier: Electricity in Cleveland

With a deregulated market, Cleveland, Ohio electricity suppliers are able to offer affordable electricity rates and plans that are tailored to meet your residential and commercial energy consumption needs. As you’re shopping for a Cleveland electric supplier, do you know what questions you should be asking the supplier prior to making the switch? To simplify things, Sunwave has gathered some of the most important information that you need to know when shopping around for a new energy supplier; and we’ve put together a list of questions that you can ask the supplier prior to making the switch. First, let’s talk about energy deregulation in Cleveland.

What is EnergyChoice?

Decades ago, when consumers purchased electricity in Cleveland, OH they didn’t have a choice to decide who supplied that electricity. It all came from the utility companies that were profiting billions of dollars from consumers by supplying and distributing electricity in Cleveland, and the rest of the state of Ohio. Energy deregulation enables consumers to pick an energy supplier as opposed to having their energy supplied by the local utility company. While not all states have a deregulated market, Ohio is one of the states that do. Senate Bill 3 went into effect in 2001, permitting Ohio consumers to purchase electricity from an open market.

Here's How It Works

When you choose Sunwave Gas + Power as your Cleveland energy supplier, we’ll purchase electricity on your behalf. Once we purchase your electricity from the grid, it’s delivered to your home or business by the local utility company. The cost of electricity supply from Sunwave to your home or business and the delivery charges from the local utility are offered either on one monthly bill (Consolidated Billing) or separate bills form Sunwave for supply charges and the utility for distribution charges (Dual Billing).

A Few Simple Steps + Making the Switch = Affordable Electricity Supplier Cleveland OH

    If you’re a first-time energy consumer you can contact Sunwave Gas + Power to find out more about our competitive rates and plans. To help simplify the switch to a different Cleveland energy supplier, have your current account information ready. If you have services with your local utility, you can switch to an alternative Cleveland electricity supplier such as Sunwave Gas + Power at any time. If you’re enrolled with a Cleveland electricity company from the open market, make sure you aren't in a contract with them to avoid termination fees. When you choose Sunwave Gas + Power as your new electricity supplier Cleveland, OH just sit back and relax, enjoy the benefits, and we’ll be sure to take care of the rest.
Types of Electricity Plans in Cleveland, Ohio Flat-rate variable plans: With a flat-rate variable plan, the rate that you're charged for energy consumption remains similar throughout your service agreement. Flat-rate variable energy plans are typically offered for at least six billing cycles. Cleveland electricity suppliers won’t change your energy rate until at least the end of the third billing cycle. Additionally, at Sunwave Gas + Power, we will always notify our consumers prior to making any changes. Renewable Energy: In Cleveland OH electric suppliers are able to offer renewable energy options as well. You can help diminish your carbon impression by choosing Sunwave Wind. Sunwave Wind is a Green E energy certified REC product offered by Sunwave Gas + Power to residential and commercial energy consumers. Variable Rate Electricity Plans in Cleveland: A variable rate changes from month to month depending on different factors such as fuel prices and state or federal regulations Switching Energy Suppliers in Cleveland, Ohio If you're unsure about switching to a new electricity supplier Cleveland, OH and have questions or concerns, we are here to assist you. Rest assured, if you don’t choose a Cleveland electric supplier from the open market, you’ll automatically stay enrolled in the standard offer service (SOS) with your area’s utility company. Keep in mind that if you stay on the (SOS) you are paying the standard rates for electricity in Cleveland. Questions to Ask Before Making the Switch to a new Electricity Supplier Cleveland, Ohio Are you a licensed energy supplier in Cleveland, OH How long are your contract terms for? What is the rate that I will be paying per KWH with the plan that I choose? Is this a flat-rate variable plan? What other monthly fees does your company charge? How much can I save per KWH by making the switch? What is your early termination policy? Will I be required to pay a deposit when I sign-up for services? Will I be penalized if I move out of the service area? I am on active duty, will I be penalized if I am deployed or I have to move to another state? Once I Sign Up, When Will Services With My Cleveland Electric Supplier Begin? Once Sunwave has confirmed the enrollment of your account with the local utility company. It will take a minimum of 5 business days from the day you sign up before Sunwave can confirm your enrollment with the local utility. If you are moving to a new home and transferring services with Sunwave Gas + Power, plan ahead so that services will be connected by your move-in date. Note: Sunwave Gas + Power must allow the government mandated rescission period to elapse prior to submitting an enrollment request. Will I Have To Pay To Switch Cleveland Electricity Suppliers? Depending on your credit, you may be required to pay a deposit. You will be informed of any charges prior to making the switch. Cancellation Fees For Cleveland Energy Consumers Cleveland energy suppliers will inform you of any anticipated changes in your energy rate or plan before your service agreement reaches its expiration date. This gives you the option to search other plans and rates without being charged any cancellation fees. If you cancel services with a Cleveland energy supplier for reasons not identified in your service agreement, you can be charged an early termination fee. I Signed Up with a Cleveland Electricity Supplier, What’s Next? When you make the switch to a new electricity supplier Cleveland, OH, you’ll receive a contract summary that will have detailed information regarding your new energy plan. When Should I Make The Switch To A Different Cleveland Electricity Supplier? If you aren’t in a contract with a Cleveland electricity supplier, or if your contract is up for renewal soon; Now is the time to start looking at affordable rates and plans with Sunwave Gas + Power. How Much Electricity Do I Consume? Curious to know just how much electricity you are consuming in your home or business? You can easily find account information and history of your energy consumption by going to online billing history with your current electric supplier. You can also track your energy consumption by reading the electricity meter that’s on your residential or commercial property. It’s important to have an estimate of your monthly energy consumption when shopping for a Cleveland electricity supplier. This will help you find the right plan that is going to meet your energy consumption needs. Sunwave Gas + Power: Cleveland, Ohio Electricity Supplier Sunwave Gas + Power is one of the leading energy suppliers across North America, providing affordable electricity rates and plans to thousands of residential and commercial consumers in deregulated markets. Sunwave currently serves Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland; And we have plans to expand services to more deregulated states in the near future. Make the Switch; Choose Sunwave Gas + Power as your Cleveland Electric supplier. Residential Consumers Sunwave Gas + Power offers low rate, term plan solutions for residential consumers Cleveland, OH. Each bill that you receive from us states the rate that you’re paying, and you’ll never be charged any hidden fees. Take a look at our prices and Sign-up now! Commercial Consumers Sunwave offers commercial products that are suitable for retail stores, office buildings, multi-residential properties, and small to medium-sized manufacturing facilities. Our commercial plans have terms from 4 - 60 months. As a small business consumer, you can sign-up online, and take advantage of a simple way to manage your electric generation supply costs. Take a look at our rates and Sign-up now! Compare Cleveland Electric Rates You can compare Cleveland energy rates and plans directly through Energy Choice Ohio. You can narrow down your choices based on your preferences of the supplier, energy rates, plans, and terms. Contact Sunwave Gas + Power’s customer service team to speak with a member about our competitive rates and plans for your residential and commercial needs or you can visit us online. 1-855-4SUNWAVE (1-855-478-6928) | Sunwave Additional Information Power Your Universe with Sunwave Renewable energy products Energy Choice Ohio Innovations that are changing the world Ohio’s energy rates Sunwave Cares Pros and Cons of a Smart Home
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