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Electric energy supply for home & commercial use.

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How it works

Sunwave supplies. Your local utility delivers. What you should know

  • You have the option to purchase electricity from a large number of retail providers
  • Nothing changes with the delivery of electricity to your home of business
  • Enjoy the same level of service whether you purchase from a retailer or your local utility
  • Switching to a retailer is completed by your local utility in as little as 3 business days
  • You can change back and forth between your local utility and a retail provider as many times as you like
  • No long term commitment unless you decide otherwise
  • Take the time to compare the offer from a retailer to the local utility
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Who we are

Sunwave Gas & Power supplies electric generation service to thousands of homeowners and business consumers across North America. Choosing Sunwave is easy. We offer simple-to-understand plans at affordable prices. "Energy simplified" captures our philosophy that purchasing energy should be stress-free.

It goes hand in hand with our access to easy-to-understand plans, convenient sign-up options, plan flexibility and superior customer service.

Sunwave's commitment to support our customers remains unwavering. You'll always know the status of your account and can manage your energy prices seamlessly whenever you need to. Whether you're at home, the office or mobile, staying informed is easy.

We know you've got better things to do than monitor the markets. Just choose a rate and/or plan and leave the rest to us.

Residential & Business

Every customer is different and so are energy consumption needs. Whether it's a home, small commercial facility or large industrial complex, we have a wide variety of solutions to suit your business.


Superior customer service
Sunwave wants to keep you connected. Whether you opt for text message or email alerts you'll be kept up-to-date on the status of your account. In addition to periodic notices, you'll receive advance notices for renewal as well as special offers that may be available. Our customer care department will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Simple plans
Sunwave delivers sensible low rate and payment term solutions. Each bill you receive clearly states your price; there are no hidden fees. Contact us or use the My Account Status page to check your price, shop for lower rates or check the status of your account.

Easy access
Getting the information you need is easy; contact customer care or shop online. Sunwave's most current prices and plans are easily accessible here on our web page. The customer care team can assist you with renewing or modifying your account.


Every business is different and so are their energy consumption needs. Whether it's a small commercial facility or large industrial complex, we have a wide variety of solutions to suit your business.

Our commercial products are suitable for retail stores, office buildings, multi-residential properties and small to medium-sized manufacturing facilities. Sunwave's electric generation supply is offered as a fixed price or variable with terms from 4 - 60 months.

As a small business consumer you can sign up online and take advantage a simple way to manage your electric generation supply costs. To help answer any questions during the online sign-up process, consult with our customer care team for assistance with product selection. In addition, if you manage a large number of facilities we recommend that you contact our customer care team to complete your sign-up.

Commercial Customer Segments

Retail and Office Properties
Single facility space owners/managers should or visit the (link) page for our current offers or call customer care for assistance signing up. Manage your electric supply purchase online at a glance.

Multi-Residential and Property Managers
Electric supply can be managed easily and effectively under one contract.
Contact the customer care team for guidance through the contracting process.

Enterprise Customer Segment

Medium to large commercial and industrial: custom pricing and management solutions
Custom pricing solutions are recommended for medium to large commercial properties and manufacturing facilities. Our menu-driven products are easily customizable: purchase energy only or a more comprehensive energy management solution.

Custom services offered through Sunwave's Enterprise sales team include:

Plan & Budget
Discuss business goals, review products to understand risk and reward.

Product Selection & Cost Analysis
Set risk tolerance limits and manage costs against budget and forecasts.

Variance Analysis
Monitor changes in price and quantity to determine bottom line impact.

Stay Informed
Stay on top of market trends, refine strategy and make informed decisions.

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